GILDE book, artist book, red, watercolor paper, mini


handbound mini artistbook with watercolour paper

20 pages of watercolor paper, 300 grs, with deckled edges on two sides

ca. 8 x 8 cm, square

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One of a kind artistbook filled with high quality watercolorpaper with deckeld edges.

The paper is folded in an as accordeon or leporello known method. This means you can unfold the whole length of the paper to use it as one canvas or you can use it by page. The covers are from structured red booklinen with handprinted flowers. The reduced design will let your drawings sparkle. You can display your artwork by unfolding the accordeon, arranging it different day by day.
The paper is 300 gr white cold pressed watercolor paper, Fabriano Artistico, suitable for all dry media such as pencil, crayon and of course wet medias as watercolours, gouache, acrylic paint and inks. The paper has nice deckled edges.

20 pages watercolor paper, 300 grs

ca. 8 x 8 cm, square


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