MEISI Original

MEISI Original is a linen thread especially made for handsewing. It is made from 100% linen, environmental friendly dyed in 73 beautiful colours and then twisted and to round 3-ply threads in several thicknesses.

M30 (0,35 mm); M40 (0,45 mm); M50 (0,55 mm); M60 (0,65 mm); M79 (0,75 mm); M90 (0,90 mm)

They are available in 5 m, 10 m and  regular spools (lenght depending on thickness).

The thread passed the test SGS, RoHS and EN 71-3

The M70 and M90 are only produced in few colours to supply the leather craft industry, while all other thicknesses can be used according to your personal requirements.

EU codeMEISI Originalmeasurement, approx.
40/30,30 mm
M 300,35 mm
35/30,40 mm
M400,45 mm
25/30,50 mm
M 500,55 mm
M 600,65 mm