GILDE book, longstitch binding


scetchbook with longstitch binding
cover of blue bookcloth 

longstitch binding with linnen thread
3 signatures à 16 pages, in total 48 pages
high white smooth blanc paper, 225 grs

ca. 11 x 19 cm

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One of a kind notebook handmade from scratch with covers of blue book cloth in a A6ish format.  The flyleaves are made in Italy (beautiful blue patternd Varese paper) and pasted down.

The signatures are sewn by hand onto the cover with linnen thread as a unique decoration. The sewing method enables to open the pages completely flat.
The paper is 225 gr  white textured smooth paper, suitable for most dry media such as pencil and crayon.

48 pages  white paper, 225grs

 ca. 11 x 19 cm, portrait

Extra informatie

Afmetingen11 × 19 × 2 cm


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